POP3 Email Client

Sending and Receiving Email using  POP3 / SMTP services such as GMail

Need to send emails from a C# application? Don’t have your own email servers handy? No Problem! Use Google’s!




If you have a GMail account your half way there! this example source code shows you just how easy it is to send (SMTP) and receive (POP3) emails using C# and a GMail account. (Although you could just as easily use this code to send and receive mail from any SMTP / POP3 servers)

(Download at bottom of page)

The sample application will allow you to enter your GMail account details, and then start sending and receiving emails – again the GUI is very basic but is enough to demonstrate the functionality.

Send and receive emails using your GMail account and C#

The demo application above is pre-configured with the right server / ports to send and receive email using GMail in the UK. You can change these using the interface but please note that other settings (such as whether to use SSL) cannot be configured using the interface.


In order to download the full source code and binaries you will need to subscribe and then go the pop3 emailer download page. Don’t worry we wont pass on your email to anyone, and we certainly wont spam you!!

Please note all source code is distributed under the GPL V3 license



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