Shopify Store Shutter

Store Shutter is your simple solution to opening and closing your store on demand. Perfect for stores using shopify for contactless payments or sites in development wanting to get some early feedback without taking orders.

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What is store shutter?

Store Shutter allows you to apply a virtual shutter to your store (or parts of it) that can stop visitors placing orders when you dont want them to. Its perfect for bars, resturants or shops that only want to take orders while they are open.

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Start getting traffic while developing

If your still developing your store but want to start pushing traffic to your site, Store Shutter allows visitors to view the rest of your site as normal, allowing you to start getting traffic sooner! When the shutter is closed it still allows the rest of the site to function as normal, but will redirect users to a page of your choosing if they try to view products or collections

Choose what pages to close

Store Shutter can be used to close any part of your site, by default it will close your product and collection pages, but this can easily be changed to target certain collections, products or just individual pages

No code required

Store Shutter is easy to configure, and doesnt require any theme changes or code to be inserted. All you need to do is create a simple ‘store closed’ page that visitors are directed to if they try to access a closed page. Once setup you can open and close your store at the click of a button!


  • By default redirect users to a ‘store closed’ page when they view products or collections
  • Can be configured to close only certain products or collections
  • No theme changes or custom code needed
  • Open and close the shutter with a simple click of a button
  • Customise the message text users see while being redirected
  • Customise the colors used