About Me

I’ve been developing applications commercially in a variety of technologies for around 14 years now, after studying a master in computer science at Sheffield University. I decided to create this blog as a place for me to post some of my Ideas and experiments in the hope that other like minded people might find them of interest!

Recently I’ve been spending my free time playing with electronics, at the moment i’m looking at the STM32F4 Discovery board and the Raspberry PI, with the end goal of creating my very own IPhone controlled robot!

If you want to contact me please fee free to email me directly on  lee@tecsploit.com or use the new contact form – Also if you want to stay up to date why don’t you register your email to receive a notification whenever there’s a new article posted.

You can also take a look through my University portfolio that is made up of mostly Java projects ranging from forms applications to 3D graphics.

Have Fun!! 🙂


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