Contactless Payments

Do you need a contactless payment system for your bar, resturant or shop? If your struggling to keep up with orders, or customers are getting frustrated waited for table service to arrive then maybe you need a contactless payment system!

We specialize in customising the Shopify E-Commerce system to allow you to use it as an end to end contactless ordering and or payment system. Shopify is a hugely popular platform for selling online, thats easy to setup and customise.

With our suite of apps, we can configure Shopify for use as a contactless ordering and payment systemt that you can use to:

  • Let customers order using their phone
  • Capture the customers table number
  • Automatically print orders on receipt printters inlcuding the order details / customer details and table number
  • Let customers pay online, or you can take payments at the table
  • Open and close the system on demand, to stop customers placing orders when your closed
  • Keep track of every customer thats visited you, and give you a easy way to generate Covid-19 reports of who was in your store at what time

Using the power of Shopify to create your contactless ordering system means that we can get you a system up and running quickly, and give you complete control over all aspects of it!

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Already have shopify and need to open and close your store on demand? checkout our new app, store shutter