Shopify Store Shutter Released

Hi Guys,

Do you need to open and close your Shopify store on demand to match your business hours? are you working on a new site and want to temporarily disable the checkout? Then we have just released the app for you! tecsploits Store Shutter is now live on the shopify app store and will let you open and close your store on demand, no theme changes or code required!

check it out!

Shopify Store Shutter

We are excited to announce that we will soon be launching are first Shopify Application ‘Store Shutter’ that we hope to be available in the next few weeks on the shoppify store, its designed to allow shops and resturants to use shopify as a contactless payment system, allowing you to open and close your shopify store when you dont want to take anymore orders! Get in touch if you want more info!!

We are back

hi guys,

after issues with my old hosting provider and loosing a load of my newer posts ive moved the site to a new host and we are back up and running! yay!

Watch this space for a revampt coming soon and a new line of posts!



Plex Remote for Smart Watch 2

hi Tecsploiters!

Its been a while since my last post but im back to work now on several new projects so watch this space! My latest project is a remote controller for Plex Media Clients which available to download on the Google Play store! Its compatible with Sony Smart Watch 2 and lets you navigate the menu’s on your plex clients and start / stop / play / pause your media all from your watch!

You can find the app on google play if you have a Smart Watch 2 download it and let me know what you think! Ill be porting it to android wear over the next few days

Plex Remote Control for Smart watch

Plex Remote Control for Smart watch

The easiest way to control Plex!!

HG44780 LCD display – In Progress!

Hi tecsploiters!

Its been a little while since my next post – mainly because I’ve been working on site to setup the new members downloads area – hope you havnt had to much trouble downloading the samples over the last few days 🙂

Im now back in the thick of it trying to get to grips with the hd44780 LCD display, its a work in progress at the moment but below is a little sneak peak – so far I’v only managed to power it on! But in the next few days expect to see a new addittion to the STM32F4 Discovery series I’ve been working on that will go into detail on how to use this little board to drive the LCD display!

HD44780 In Progress

HD44780 In Progress

See you soon!!