STM32F4 Discovery Board

Hi all,

I’ve just got my hands on an STM32 discovery board it seems like a great board for getting to grips with electronics, I’m a beginner to electronics and will be posting my progress with the board over the next few weeks as a series of tutorials starting with basic GPIO and progressing to controlling displays, usart and interrupts.

The items with links are the projects I’ve completed to date, the ones without links are in the pipeline! If you haven’t registered your email address already register now to get access to the full eclipse project and source code downloads 

Also if you have any ideas for projects or any questions please get in touch

Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “STM32F4 Discovery Board

  1. You must be very bright to begin with this board, and have experience with C programming and electronics. I went from electronics to PMC’s via Arduino, a much easier and supported platform for learning.
    I made a Tamiya tank robot controlled by Arduino plus Motor Shield, and am learning STM32F4(Discovery). I look forward to your posting on motor control.

    1. I look forward to your posting on motor control and the PWM and the H-Bridge combined, for the ultimate motor controller!

  2. Very nice set of topics for introduction to these wonderful affordable and powerful devices. I wish the posting would have continued. Thank you for sharing this.

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