IPhone Abuse!

What do your IPhone applications know – and say about you?

Have you ever wanted to know exactly what information your favorite IPhone application harvests from your IPhone, or more importantly what it does with that information and how secure it is once its in the applications hands?

I’m guessing probably not! But as a budding IPhone developer I was curious to know how some of the applications I used from time to time used my data – and how their back end servers dished that information out to other users.  Considering the massive amount of applications now available (not just on IPhone but on a variety of platforms), from a large pool of different developers, its hard to believe that  all of these applications  and their core services have been properly tested to make sure they don’t ‘leak’ sensitive information about their users.

The pages that follow detail my efforts to investigate several IPhone applications ranging from the obscure to the massively popular (or so they claim), using my technical knowledge to ‘exploit’ where possible loop holes in the applications back end services, and provide proof of concept code to support my findings in an effort to encourage IPhone developers around the globe to invest time and effort in securing the services they provide.

Reveiws coming soon for:


    Knocking Live Video

If you have any requests for applications you’de like reviewed please email them to suggest@tecsploit.com

Please be patient this site is under construction!


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