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C# Resource Extractor

Ever needed to extract resource files from a .net assembly? Well recently I needed to do just that, I had an old .net application that contained embedded crystal reports that I desperately needed to get hold of.




I ended up having to write a utility to do it and thought I would share it with you guys. It is a very basic win forms application written in C# using the .net framework 3.5 (screen shot below)

Resource Extractor Screen 1

C# Resource Extraction Tool

It will let you choose an input assembly (.dll or .exe) it will then list all the resources within the assemble, and when you click export will export them to your chosen export directory.

Its perfect for extracting config files, report files or images that have been embedded in an assembly, but should work just as well extracting any embedded resources.

The source code is available here: (as a visual studio 2010 project):Resource Extractor Source Code but you will need to register your email first

All you need to do is unzip and open it up in visual studio,




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