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New Logo!!

Hi Guys,

I thought it was time to refresh the site a little so i decided to upgrade the logo (its now and iphone 5 instead of an 3GS – about time!!) and I’ve been messing around with the colour scheme a little, you will notice we are now lime green!!!

Let me know if it hurts your eyes! and keep your eyes peeled for the up and coming post on how to use an STM32F4 Discovery board to control the brightness of an LED…..


hi Guys,

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I’m back!

Hi All,

After a long break ive dusted off the code for this website and im on a mission to start posting again, watch this space! 🙂

Morgan Freeman IS ALIVE!!

Just so you can all relax, the legend that is morgan freeman lives on!

Unfortunately I fell victim to the fake post made on facebook – I even forwarded it on to all my friends before checking  (several hours later I might add) to see if it was true.

Of course, it was yet another ‘Joke’ – Morgan Freeman Lives On!!


.Net Resource Extraction

Ever wanted to pull resources out of a compiled .Net assembly? This source code sample demonstrates how to easily extract any kind of resource file from a .Net binary, I’ve used it myself to successfully retrieve report files from several .Net applications,

Sending and Receiving Email in C#

Hi Guys,
Ever needed to send or receive email using C#? is so take a look at my latest article that uses GMail to send and receive emails via a C# application!

RSS Feeds

Hi All,

Im now back from holiday and can confirm that the RSS feeds are up and running. You can find them on the bottom left of the site, under the category ‘Meta’

Im currently in the process of writting my first article with code samples included so stay tuned!


Hello All!

Hello All!

Welcome to TecSploit my new shiny blog! I’m a developer based near Birmingham UK and the aim of this blog is for me to share my thoughts and experience on all the technical subjects I find interesting! Check out the pages to find articles on IPhone Abuse! – my efforts to find and exploit current IPhone applications weaknesses in an effort to raise awareness on the subject of data security.

Also check out my C# Corner – a library of code examples I’ve created and published for your convenience! Each article in this library includes a detailed explanation into how the sample works, and downloadable source code!

Please be patient this site is under construction! (as you can see)