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STM32F4 Discovery Board – now I can build my own tec!

Hi Guys!

I’ve always wanted to learn electronics and have recently got my hands on an STM32F4 Discovery Board, for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about its basically a programmable circuit board with a load of built in goodies waiting to be explored!

Because of this I’ve added a new section to the site called electronics, where ill be posting a series of mini tutorials starting with the basics, and hopefully moving on to more advanced stuff in the future, check it out!!

RSS Feeds

Hi All,

Im now back from holiday and can confirm that the RSS feeds are up and running. You can find them on the bottom left of the site, under the category ‘Meta’

Im currently in the process of writting my first article with code samples included so stay tuned!


Hello All!

Hello All!

Welcome to TecSploit my new shiny blog! I’m a developer based near Birmingham UK and the aim of this blog is for me to share my thoughts and experience on all the technical subjects I find interesting! Check out the pages to find articles on IPhone Abuse! – my efforts to find and exploit current IPhone applications weaknesses in an effort to raise awareness on the subject of data security.

Also check out my C# Corner – a library of code examples I’ve created and published for your convenience! Each article in this library includes a detailed explanation into how the sample works, and downloadable source code!

Please be patient this site is under construction! (as you can see)