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Control the brightness of an LED using the STM32F4Discovery

Hi tecsploiters!

The next post on the STM32F4 Discovery is ready that covers how to use pulse width modulation to control the brightness of an LED, why not give it a try?

As always I’d love to get your feedback so why not try the new contact form with any comments or ideas! – and I almost forgot, why not try the new subscribe button to be sure never to miss a post again!

Have Fun!! 🙂

New Logo!!

Hi Guys,

I thought it was time to refresh the site a little so i decided to upgrade the logo (its now and iphone 5 instead of an 3GS – about time!!) and I’ve been messing around with the colour scheme a little, you will notice we are now lime green!!!

Let me know if it hurts your eyes! and keep your eyes peeled for the up and coming post on how to use an STM32F4 Discovery board to control the brightness of an LED…..

Morgan Freeman IS ALIVE!!

Just so you can all relax, the legend that is morgan freeman lives on!

Unfortunately I fell victim to the fake post made on facebook – I even forwarded it on to all my friends before checking  (several hours later I might add) to see if it was true.

Of course, it was yet another ‘Joke’ – Morgan Freeman Lives On!!